Rar Holdings Group of companies operates owned by Mr.Rabih Reaidy operates various entities in the GCC, Levant Area, Africa and Europe. The Group has an annual turnover in 2015 of more than US$150M.

The operations was originally established in 1970 as a wood paints manufacturer. Currently the business now includes eight key business streams namely; trading and Manufacturing of construction chemical products; application services for paints; trading and manufacturing of resins; trading of commodities (chemicals); can and drum manufacturing/recycling including trading; dry powder manufacturing and trading and finally accessories trading.

Additionally, the group has strong material storage and handling capacity in the areas served, these include several solvent storage tanks in the UAE and Oman as well as warehousing throughout the major cities in the GCC.

The company is predominately focused in the Middle East coatings market where most of its manufacturing and trading business are located. This is supported elsewhere by its factory facilities in Italy, UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon and Nigeria as well as its many global agents/distributors.

The Company growth historically has been attributed to both organic growth as well as new acquisitions. Since July 2013, the company has acquired several paints companies and brands including Vernici Egidio Milesi, Citver Paints, Silva Vernici Paints and ARC Powder Coatings. Moreover, the company has obtained sole rights for accessories of brands such as Oro Originale and Corrida.

One of the key selection criteria that the company uses for the acquisition is the long heritage and reputation of the brand. This is epitomized by the Vernici Egidio Milesi brand which dates back to the 1940s where it was and still is regarded as the highest technology in wood coatings.


To be the recognized as the supplier of choice for our products and services in the chosen industries and fields we serve.



Our Belief as that being at the forefront of our industry requires expertise, outstanding individuals, teamwork with efficient processes. For these we continuously seek to improve. Additionally by creating a stakeholders balance, we shall achieve sustainable growth and profitability.