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Franchise Owner Profiles

All kinds of people that come from different backgrounds with various goals are interested in our franchises or distributorship.

There are individuals that are interested in being a part-time franchisee want the benefits of owning a business but want to invest in a franchise that doesn’t take over their life. People that want to be involved in a part-time franchise opportunity typically fall into one of the following four categories:

  • A good portion of their time is consumed by a career but they would like to make additional income on the side
  • They may be involved in freelance work or business consulting and want to add a steadier stream of income to their overall revenue
  • They are not currently employed but don’t want to commit all their time to running a business
  • They have recently retired and would like to supplement their retirement income without taking on a full-time venture

There are also individuals that are looking to change their life and focused full time on their own distributorship business and growing it the way they like with the support of well reputed brands

If either of these are you

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